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Welcome to S.M.A.K.

Salem MA Area Kink (S.M.A.K.) is a fast growing, regional group in the Boston kink community. We're an all-volunteer organization that delights in bringing together people from every corner of the BDSM, leather, and the sex-positive worlds.

A couple of like-minded kinksters with one simple idea started S.M.A.K. We wanted to leave our community a better place than we found it. So we're dedicated to open, transparent social interaction, educational exchange, and supporting the ever-changing diversity of our community.

Our goal is providing a warm and welcoming retreat to all who attend our events and are committed to maintaining a safe environment where all can let their kink flags fly proudly. All experience levels, kinks, fetishes, sex positive attitudes, genders, and orientations are welcome; there is no such thing as "not being kinky enough."

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All are invited to S.M.A.K events and membership isn't required to attend.
Events Held
Miles of Rope
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Joining S.M.A.K.

It's easy to become part of the S.M.A.K. community. Just show up at any of our events. There's no limit to how often you can attend. If you decide you join, just find one of the event organizers and they'll be glad to get the process started.

Membership has its privileges.

It's Inexpensive

We want to keep the price affordable so a one-year membership is $25.00. There are no hidden fees or costs associated with joining S.M.A.K., just plenty of kinky camaraderie.

Reduced Admission

Members receive a $5 discount off regular event admission prices and reduced pricing on other events. A membership quickly pays for itself when you attend five or more events per year.

Early Bird Notices

Some S.M.A.K. events have limited availability so reservations go quickly. As a member, you'll get advanced notice of these events so you won't miss on out on all the kinky things we offer.

A Really Cool Card

All S.M.A.K members receive a nifty wallet sized card complete with a unique membership number just for signing up. Be the first kid in the dungeon to have one. It's quite the kinky accessory.

A Virtual Cornucopia of Kink

S.M.A.K. Presents

Join our mailing list or keep an eye on our Fetlife group to stay up-to-date on the latest S.M.A.K. events.

Shibari On Steroids

Salem Ropes

Held on the 1st Thursday of each month, this event is our opportunity to celebrate all things rope through classes, shared information and practice sessions. All experience levels are welcome and there's a special class for beginners.

Sharing Knowledge


On the 3rd & 4th Thursday of each month we come together to share our collective knowledge on relevant BDSM or community topics. Subject matter varies and the discussions and demonstrations are always engaging.

The Call Of the Wild

Kinky Kamp

Kamp is one of the summer highlights for the Boston kink community and gets rave reviews year after year. We gather for a weekend of glamping complete with all the amenities. Learn more at the Kinky Kamping website.

Farewell to Summer

Fall Picnic

Every fall we host a BBQ so we can come together and reminisce about our summer activities and get ready for fall. The afternoon abounds with kinky fun and games and in the evening we get down to business with a play party.

Celebrate the Season

Holiday Party

Oh come all ye kinksters and ring in the holidays season each December with a gala play party. S.M.A.K. doesn't care if you've been naughty or nice, there are awesome treats for all, including the Yank Me Swap gift exchange.

Pop-Up Events

General Rumpus

There are times we just want to get our friends together and play, so throughout the year we host pop-up events in the area. These spontaneous events are always well attended even though they're scheduled on short notice.

Kinky Kinetics

Team S.M.A.K.

S.M.A.K. is fully kinkster powered and is unique because it's an all-volunteer organization that works together to make each event and S.M.A.K. as a whole successful. The volunteers of Team S.M.A.K. are the heartbeat of our organization and give the ultimate gift – their service to the community.

We're always on the lookout for those willing to lend a hand in whatever way possible and don't ask for anything more than you can give. Anyone can help – from working at an event, assisting behind the scenes or sharing knowledge with others. All we ask is you have the passion and drive to help S.M.A.K. become more than what it is today.

Join Team S.M.A.K. today and become even more connected with our local kink community.

Rules & Policies

S.M.A.K.'s Safety Guardrails

We can't have a community without rules and here's where you'll find everything you need to know about the guardrails we have in place to keep our events running smoothly and safely. It's important to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with our standards of conduct. All S.M.A.K. members and event attendees are required to read and understand the rules. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! Your fine friends at S.M.A.K are here to help.

If you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time during one of our events, please tell one of the hosts.


Code of Conduct

S.M.A.K.'s Code of Conduct is a shared belief and we'll do whatever is necessary to provide you with a safe, healthy environment where you can enjoy your flavor of kink. We have three very simple principles we adhere to when hosting an event.

Take Responsibility For Yourself

At events, we expect you to think about what you need, plan for your needs and take care of yourself. This environment is, by design, challenging. We expect you to take that into consideration when planning your self-care.

We expect you to take responsibility for your level of intoxication. We expect you to make sure you are never too intoxicated to behave responsibly toward the community and to engage in self-care.

Only you can fully understand what your comfort levels are. We ask you to come to our events as prepared as you can be for successful negotiation and self-care. If you need help, please reach out to those who can support you – and to us.

Take Responsibility For Your Behavior Toward Others

You are not required to add to anyone’s experience, and no one is required to add to yours. However, we expect that you treat everyone you meet with kindness and consideration. We also expect you to adhere to our negotiation guidelines and consent policies for all BDSM and sexual activities that take place at our events.

We expect you to consider carefully the level of intoxication of any potential play partners. We expect you to ask potential play partners about their current mental state and to err on the side of caution before engaging in play.

Take Responsibility For the Venue

There are very few places that allow us to do what we do. It’s a privilege to use these spaces and it's on us to take care of them. We're guests here and must treat the venue with regard; our actions will impact our ability to use these spaces in the future.

If something doesn’t seem right, you're encouraged and empowered to speak up or report that behavior to the event organizers or volunteers.

We appreciate your desire to foster an environment based on taking responsibility for yourself, others and the venue.

The organizers may remove those who are unable to adhere to these agreements.

Play Space Rules

All S.M.A.K. events follow a general set of play space rules designed for your safety and security. Should you feel unsafe or uncomfortable at any time, please tell one of the event hosts. If you see something that seems out-of-place, please notify an event organizer or volunteer immediately. Don't try to handle the situation yourself.
  • Red is the universal safe word . It means "stop immediately!"
  • Ask for consent before touching people, tools or toys
  • Don’t interrupt a scene, unless it is an emergency
  • If you are going to engage in edge play, notify one of the event organizers in advance so that they can discuss the scene, negotiations/consents and safety protocols
  • No blood, needle, medical, fire or wax play
  • Clean furniture and equipment after use - cleanliness is next to kinkiness
  • Be aware of others around you
  • Practice enthusiastic consent in every situation
  • At some events, barriers are provided and required
  • Change the linens after you finish
  • Pictures are permissible but you need consent from everyone in the frame
  • Please imbibe responsibly
  • Based on the event, nudity or fetish wear is only allowed in the play space area
  • No smoking or vaping in the play space

Leadership Team

We Are the Purveyors of Fine Kink

The S.M.A.K. team is united by an unwavering passion for our fellow kinksters and our community as a whole. We focus on providing high-quality events as we passionately pursue the bleeding, hair-splitting, cutting-edge of kink. We’re not here to maintain the status quo. We get up in the morning with a drive to make the kink world a better place. It’s what makes us tick.

.:: Captain Ken::.
Evil Bastard

Captain Ken

His hands have been deep into the local community since the turn of the century. He's dripping with enthusiasm and wit. At S.M.A.K. events, he'll be the one shaking hands, teaching beginners rope or heckling our presenters.

Cook & Bottle Washer


Our kilted wonder works behind the scenes to manage everything from the finances, to our online presence and the S.M.A.K. electronic box office. He's a tireless roadie at events and a main stay at Kamp's Rhinestone Bar & Grill.

Reluctant Guru


Considered the spiritual compass and Zen Mistress of S.M.A.K. As a fetish factotum, her varied talents range from hosting massage & yoga workshops, to supporting the S.M.A.K. team in all its endeavors.

Whirling Dervish


She's both tenacious and fierce (like a pit bull, only cuter). Using her killer organizational skills, she coordinates and hosts many of our events and is often the first face to greet you and take your money.

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